What happens when a woman criticizes a man?
When a woman criticizes a man, a woman is Trouble.
When a woman criticizes a man, a woman must be Stopped.
A man must be protected–not just from other men,
But also from his own past actions.
A man is complicated, multi-faceted,
A woman would understand, if she would just consider how much this man was
A woman is a vessel.
You either carry a man’s hurt
Dispose of it quietly,
where no one will see
Or you need to be corrected.

You will listen to this man
You will understand this man
You will fix this man
or he will put you away
for not doing your Job.

When a man hurts a woman, it’s okay
when enough time has passed
when no one talks about it anymore.

— a poem I wrote about all the times I’ve been asked to be quiet, the first poem I’ve written that wasn’t for a homework assignment